Difference between ATM Cards

ATM Cards

ATM card is a card with the help of which you can withdraw money only from the ATM machine. in this card, you will not see any type of logo (master, visa, rupees). this card is linked to your bank, you will be able to withdraw as much money through this card. you can not borrow from this card with this card, and you can not use this card anywhere except ATM machines.

Debit cards

This card is exactly like the ATM card in the card but in the front side you will get a rupee visa or master logo. you can use this card in ATM but you can also make it online by making a purchase. this card is also linked to the bank so you can get the same amount of money in your account, wherever this card is accepted with it you can also swap this card the payments.
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Difference between ATM Cards | Debit Cards | Credit Cards

Credit card..

This card is also like the debit card to appear and this card also has the logo of rupay visa and master but you can not use it in ATM machines because this card does not link to the bank account. credit card swap too. you can also pay by swapping it so that you borrow money from the bank and pay it to the bank by paying it if you do not return the money to the bank. bank is charged monthly spend limit of the card is rs with interest over the limit you can not pay.

What kind of credit card are they?

  • Silver credit card,
    gold credit card,
    platinum credit card,
    credit card for women,
    auto fuel credit card,
    yatra credit card,
    IRCTC credit card,
    travel credit card,
    Balance transfer credit card,
    classic credit card,
    titanium credit card,
    rewards credit card,
    cashback credit card,
    life style.

Prepaid and many more credit card offers are available.